Discover the remote places in the Suances coast enjoying with your bike and our expert guides and the sea breeze. Rekindle your adventure thirst, enjoying the amazing landscapes and know the  flora and fauna. You’ll also discover charming historic places that have remained unchanged in the shadow of time.

Pto Calderon Pta Ballota

Quality excursions that can be done in several days. You will discover the coast of Suances with the stories of our guides on their natural secrets.

  • Day 1 – Tour to Punta Ballota cape . (2 hours, 7 kms)
  • Day 2 – Tour to San Telmo’s Tower and Santa Justa chapel. ( 4 hours, 9 kms)
  • Day 3 – Tour to Puerto Calderón cove. ( 4 hours, 10 Kms)
  • Day 4 – Tour to the top of Puente Avíos and Santa Lucía’s chapel. ( 2 hours, 8 kms)
  • Day 5 – Tour to chapel of St. Stephen in Cerrazo ( 5 hours, 20 kms)
  • Day 6 – Tour through the bike lane “Senda La Ribera-River Besaya” ( 4 hours, 40 kms)
  • Day 7 – Gastro-tour: Tour of tapas bars in Suances from Lighthouse to Riberuca ( 2 hours, 3 kms.)

Bring your bike or we provide one to do the activity. Guide / Bike Rental / Insurance / Using facilities Senda La Ribera

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget make your reservation 5 days before the activity!

It is necessary to reserve. routes are made with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10, and may be canceled depending on the weather.

Do you know that a famous transatlantic ship over 1500 tons called “Isla de Cuba” sank in front of Punta Ballota?

Do you know that the ruins of the tower of San Telmo served as a lighthouse to ships approaching the coast?

Do you know that the Santa Justa chapel was built by digging into the rock?

Do you know that the cove Puerto Calderón was a mining and traces of it still preserved?


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