Enjoy this wonderful cycle track which starts in “La Ribera” and runs through the “Ria de Suances”, you and your family don´t need to handle the cumbersome task of loading their bikes from home to Suances, and take time to enjoy a wonderful day bike ride through La Senda de la Ribera up whenever you want.

We will put it easy: we offer you the opportunity to rent bikes in Suances, near the starting point, at the beginning of “Senda la Ribera” along the beaches,  and spend the day enjoying nature and landscape that provides the path and the town of Suances, a mostly flat road without difficulty.

If you are not used to riding a bike, if you go with children, friends, group or family to do some sport … this is the best option to spend a day in a special beautiful place and enjoying the landscape and the bike. This activity is suitable for all ages and physical conditions.

The trail starts in La Ribera (Suances) and continue towards Viveda (Santillana del Mar)Torrelavega, Cartes and if you like, you can arrive to Barros (Los Corrales de Buelna). Always on the same side of the river Besaya.

You decide the end of the ride (The Cantos, Hinojedo, Viveda, Torrelavega or Barros) and then return to the starting point in Suances. If you want, you can go to other areas too: La Concha’s beach , ascent the Suances’s Lighthouse, or the way to village of Tagle.

We have children’s bikes, all adult sizes, sling chairs (up to 15 kg), trail-gator system (half-tandem) and bicycle kid trailer.

This activity is designed for all ages, but especially for those who are not get used to cycling, families with children, businesses, schools or camps. Come here and enjoy!

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Bicycle Rental per person per day:

  • Adults 10€ per bike
  • Child 6€ per bike
  • Child carrier, 1 child 10€
  • Chlid carrier, 2 children 12€
  • Baby chair 6€

Bicycle rental per hours (adults):

  • 1 hour: 6€ / bike
  • Between 1 and 2 hours: 7€ / bike
  • Between 2 and 4 hours: 8€ / bike
  • More than 4 hours (full day) : 10 € / bike

Bicycle rental per hours (children):

  • 1 hour: 3 € / bike
  • Between 1 and 2 hours: 4€ / bike
  • Between 2 and 4 hours: 5€ / bike
  • More than 4 hours (full day) : 6 € / bike

Bicycle rental per days :

1 ADULT – 1 Bicycle :

. 2 Days:     12€    x   2 =  24 € . 4 Days:     11€    x   4 =  44 €

1 CHILD – 1 Bicycle :

. 2 Days:    8€    x     2 =  16 € . 4 Days:    7€    x     4 =  28 €

* All prices include VAT. Payment must be made in cash upon delivery of the bikes and equipment to the customer. Children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult. Request to hire groups of more than 10 cyclists (businesses, schools, camps) Take advantage of our promotional offer in cottages, hotels, etc.
IMPORTANT: Except in summer, please its necessary to call for  rental bikes service, with a few days in advance.


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