Continuous decline from the Sierra of Ibio to the Suances's beach progressively lowered Besaya linking with the Senda-La Ribera's bike-lane.

We propose a sensational tour: performing a continuous decline of 30 kms. riding a bicycle from Mount Ibio 800 meters over the sea to the coast of Suances..

It's simple: In "Senda La Ribera" Do we rented bikes or you bring yours to leave you in a off-road 4x4 vehicle SUV from the same Suances to the Sierra de Ibio, starting from there the fabulous cycle route running down the ridge of the mountain, enjoying spectacular views of Cantabria, 800 meters high., in a smooth, continuous descent on slopes and trails along 11 kilometers until it joins the Senda del rio Besaya-La Ribera and follow this path circulating in steady decline until Suances village.

To perform this stunning itinerary, required to be of age (18 or over) and it's necessary to handle well the mountain bike. Anyone who meets these requirements can make the complete down the trails of Mount Ibio without difficulty.

"Senda La Ribera" advises make the route in groups of maximum 7 persons in order that the service comes cheaper. Consult table price attached.

We facilitate the ascent of any peak in the Cantabrian Mountains and Natural Parks so you can enjoy spectacular descents. Check out our options.Infinite descents , infinite possibilities¡

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget make your reservation 5 days before the activity!.


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Phone Number:
Phone: 0034 629 53 41 43
GPS: 43º 25' 58'' N - 4º 02' 12'' O
Time: 10:30 to 14:00
15:30 to 20:00
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Visita la Berrea
Cicloturismo-Senda La Ribera
One day Bicycle Rental :

Adult : 10 € / bike
Children: 6€ /bike

Wagon carrier children :

10 € /1 child

12 € / 2 children

Child seat : 6€

Infinite Descent (30 kms- 1/2 day): Routes to the "La berrea" per person:

11 € /bike + Exit in all-terrain-car 4x4 : 130 € (full group)

with monitor- profesional guide (optional)

1/2 DAY : 60 €

FULL DAY : 100 €

Bike rental for hours (adult):
Up to 1 hour: 6€ / bike
Between 1 y 2 hours x bike: 7€
Between 2 y 4 hours x bike: 8€
More than 4 hours (full day) : 10 €
*All prices incluye VAT. Payment must be made in cash upon delivery of the bicycles and equipment to the customer..

-All children under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult.
-To hire more than 10 groups of cyclists (businesses, schools, camps) check information.
-Take benefit of our promotional offer is distributed in cottages, hotels, etc.
-Don´t worry how to transport the bikes, pick your bike up in Suances near start point and spend a day enjoying nature.

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