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RUTTING DEER.  ½ Middle day or full day .

We can witness one of the shows of the Cantabrian nature, bellowing deer. This name is given to the rutting deer . Males most of their time engaged in sexual activity. Usually occurs in the months of September and October is when the male roars to draw attention of females, producing a distinctive sound that surpasses the mountains

With an expert guide , and comfortable 4×4 we enter the sites of Saja Natural Park – Besaya with possibility of approaching even the places frequented by deer. Remain at a safe distance to avoid being seen and contemplate this natural spectacle

EXCLUSIVITY. Being privileged places and to preserve the ecosystem tours are limited to a maximum group of 14 people per day.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget make your reservation 5 days before the activity!.

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Phone : 0034 629 53 41 43
GPS: 43º 25' 58'' N - 4º 02' 12'' O
Time: 10:30 to 14:00
15:30 to 20:00
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Routes to the "La berrea" per person:

1/2 MIDDLE DAY: 60 €

FULL DAY: 100 €
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